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AGM 2008, Monterey, Impressions and Memories II

by Jean Vaché
photographs by Daniel Auvergne

For the full text of this article see The Mediterranean Garden No 55, January 2009

Giant grasses at the University of California at Santa Cruz Arboretum.

Ron Arruda, Curator of the South African Collection at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum,
explained that the Erica pictured is a form of E. abietina. This species now
includes what was called E. grandiflora for many years (as well as a few other
former species). The colour range is from almost white, through all shades of pink,
through yellows into strong, dark orange and reds. The plant shown is a seedling that
appeared spontaneously in the garden. It is one of several seedling colour forms that are
now happy to serve the hummingbirds.

Brett Hall, the manager of the UCSC Arboretum, told us that this Grevillea was
G. ‘Robyn Gordon’, which is hardy to -5 °C.

Mrs Mills’ house and part of her collection of succulents.

Every single square foot of the garden was covered with a thick layer of mulch.

A walking maze created specially for youngsters, illustrating the use of
Buchloe dactyloides, which does not need watering.

In the late hours of the afternoon, the pergola was overhung with vines showing
the rich colours of autumn. Below you may recognise (left to right) Seán O’Hara,
Michèle Auvergne, Deborah O’Hara, Michelle Torres-Grant, Jean Vaché and Maria
Sansoni-Köchel. As you can see, Mrs Mills’ wine was appreciated.
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