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An Exotic Hanging Garden

by Rory Stuart

For the full text of this article see The Mediterranean Garden No 56, April 2009

The view over the bay of Positano. On the left a fig tree and a lemon tree;
on the right Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Callistemon citrinus.

A shady little pond surrounded by Zantedeschia,
fuchsias, a salvia and the ever-present Callistemon.

Pots on the terrace: Salvia coccinea ‘Lady in Red’, a pelargonium with
scented leaves, antirrhinums, pansies and sprekelias.

Various bougainvilleas shade the terrace.

Smudge, a rescued cat with Nandina domestica
on the left and Brunfelsia on the right, as well
as part of the myrtle hedge. There is a Banksia
rose on the pergola
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