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The West-Facing Planting at Sparoza

by Sally Razelou
photos by Davina Michaelidis

For the full text of this article see The Mediterranean Garden No 60, April 2010

Looking at the lush foliage of the shrubbery from the front door.
Melianthus major can be seen at the top left of the photograph
and the trunks of an old Pistacia lentiscus on the right. The
lentisk is so emblematic of the Mediterranean that its presence
here to welcome visitors is most appropriate.

The entrance to the house with the Pistacia lentiscus on the right and
Tecomaria capensis growing up the wall on the left.

A view of the shrubbery showing the crutches that support the spreading
old Pistacia lentiscus. Macfadyena unguis-cati grows rampantly over the
house and is cut down to the ground every second year.

The lovely foliage of Melianthus major.

A variety of pelargoniums are planted in front of Tecomaria capensis
in the narrow bed between the front door (situated to the right of
the photo) and the garage. Potted plants are brought down from
the nursery when in flower to grace the scene.

Melianthus major in flower in the shrubbery, with Iris germanica in the
foreground. The yellow-flowered Senecio species on the right is a handsome
plant with feathery foliage: it grows in the driest soil, needs no water and
flowers throughout the year.
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