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After the Drought

Photos by Melanie Kinsey

A view of the mixed garden showing the new soft-leaf buffalo lawn. On the left is a large specimen of Cotinus ‘Grace’ which nearly died during the drought as well as Lophomyrtus ‘Black Stallion’. On the right is a new area of fire-resistant plants which happen to be drought-tolerant too: Salvia apiana, Centranthus ruber 'Albus', Cotyledon macrantha, a Furcraea, a Nolina, a golden barrel cactus in a pot, aeoniums and Eumorphia prostrata.

Yucca desmettiana in the foreground with the Canary Island endemic Dendriopoterium menendezii in the background. Cotyledon macrantha to the right and a giant Japanese mustard to the left. At the top right corner you can just see the flowers of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’.

Another garden of fire-resistant plants (because they are up against the house). From left to right the blue-grey leaves of Beschorneria yuccoides on the left various aeoniums (some in flower), Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Waves’, Cotyledon macrantha, Senecio serpens, an echeveria, a dudleya.

The entrance to the Fairy Garden – a garden of blue- and yellow-flowering plants. Ampelopsis glandulosa ‘Elegans’ climbing up one support of the arbour, to the left of the support is a Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’, Phlomis fruticosa, salvias, agapanthus, Scilla peruviana, the eye-catching South African bulb Ixia viridiflora and the bright yellow Euonymus japonicus 'Aureomarginatus'. The big tree to the right is Sophora tetraptera from New Zealand.

The tall blue spires of Echium ‘Cobalt Tower’ beneath Sophora tetraptera and (the neighbour’s) Photinia to the left. In front are aeoniums, Helichrysum petiolare ‘Aurea’, Scilla peruviana, echeverias, narcissus foliage and Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’.

The pathway to the front door. A weeping apricot (Prunus mume ‘Pendula’) on the left is just sprouting from its annual hard prune and this is underplanted with the pink-flowering Erigeron ‘Elsie’. To the right are the flower spikes of Beschorneria septentrionalis, Centranthus ruber, love-in-the-mist (Nigella sp.).  Behind that is a Phormium tenax, Cedrela sinensis (syn. Toona sinensis) and a Californian Salvia leucophylla. In the old copper is Cordyline ‘Red Star’.

For an interesting comparison, click here.
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