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Favourite Trees in our Garden on the Costa Blanca

by Carol Hawes
photographs by Alan Hawes and Tom Birch

Photographs to illustrate the article published in The Mediterranean Garden No 78, October 2014

Carol Hawes continues her description of the plants in her garden (see also TMG 69 Eucalypt Flower-Power and TMG 76 Favourite Climbers in our Garden on the Costa Blanca).

Carol has achieved what lots of us crave, that is to create a garden where many of the plants have been grown from seed. Here she lists the trees which she has nursed from seedling to maturity over the last eleven years. As she soon discovered in her Spanish plot, shade from the searing summer sun is one of the first requirements of a mediterranean garden and if the tree providing the shade is also a beauty in its on right then what could be better – except the fact that it’s your own baby!

An avenue of Melia azedarach trees provides shade and autumn colour in the Rose Garden

Yellow-flowered Parkinsonia aculeata provide a colourful backdrop to the Desert Area

Robinia pseudoacacia covered with scented white flowers in April

The large bright yellow trumpet flowers of  Tecoma stans in spring

Acacia stenophylla makes a highly unusual silhouette against the sky

An African acacia shades drought-tolerant plants in the African Garden

The unusual yellow and orange proteaceous flowers of  Australian Grevillea robusta

The outstandingly beautiful racemes of purple pea-like flowers of Bolusanthus speciosus

Ceiba speciosa is the central feature in our American garden

The large blue/mauve panicles of a multi-stemmed Jacaranda mimosifolia

Tipuana tipu trees, pruned to provide dense shade, flowering in spring
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