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Ups and Downs in a ‘Dry’ Garden and Watering

by Kate Marcelin-Rice
photographs by Louis Marcelin-Rice

Photographs to illustrate the article published in The Mediterranean Garden No 86, October 2016.

Kate Marcelin-Rice gives us the next installment of the story of creating her garden which she started in TMG No. 50, October 2007 and continued in TMG No. 80, April 2015.

Some general views of the garden.

View showing the layout of part of the garden with the stone-bordered path and beds, taken from a higher restanque

A closer look at the planting by the base of the cypress tree: white oleander against Anthyllis barba-jovis, Cotoneaster franchetii

Path on the tallest restanque showing on the left prostrate rosemary  and Hardenbergia violacea. On the right, the top of a clipped Quercus coccifera, three thymes, the summer-dead leaves of Clematis cirrhosa, a young Convolvulus cneorum, the Coleonema and an Acca sellowiana

Most of the triangular bed behind the pool; a vineyard that produces Bandol AOC wine in the background

A small patch of how Kate would like her Provençal garden to be (lavender, Phlomis italica, plumbago, santolina, Salvia officinalis, rosemary). Lagerstroemia indica and Convolvulus cneorum on the left

By the house.

Hibiscus moscheutus on the patio

The only blue morning glory growing up to the roof

The Pittosporum tobira sickened and its leaves turned yellow and dropped. Four months after treatment with a strong solution of bouillie bordelaise, copper sulphate neutralised by slaked lime, it hasn’t a single yellow leaf.

Pittosporum tobira with no more yellow leaves

Coleonema pulchrum is the most drought-tolerant plant in the garden.

Coleonema pulchrum on one of the terraces
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