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11th Annual General Meeting 2005
Carmona, Spain

Granada - Alhambra

A frequent and lovely sight throughout the days in Andalucia
was Chorizia speciosa in full bloom. This one at the entrance
to the Palacio Carlos V.

The trunk of the Chorizia is amazingly armoured.

The most famous fountain in the Alhambra. The original planting in the patio
has not been restored.

Another glorious fountain perhaps easier to imitate in our own gardens.

Generalife gardens

The famous long fountain pools date only from the 1960s, a very
mid-20th-century idea of what mudejar gardens were like.

Behind the hedges a wall rears up covered in gay climbers and topped with
a varied bed of roses and annuals.

The formal part of the garden is planted as a grid with
tall clipped hedges. At each cross road is a fountain.

Carmen garden, Albaicin
The Carmen is a house built on the hillside to take benefit of the view. In this Carmen a comfortably wide balcony overlooks the view and the garden of clipped hedges surrounding beds with simple planting and topiary. The front of the house has a pool and more hedged beds.

The balcony.

An old-fashioned double clipped hedge round citrus.

To cure the problem of dieback in a cypress hedge, it is underplanted with box.

The pond reflecting the pots at its edge and the underplanted hedge.

Photgraphs by Alisdair Aird and Fleur Pavlildis
All content (c) copyrighted by source or author, not to be reproduced without authorization.

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