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Spring In Greece
Visits made by the Greek Branch in Spring 2002

Words and photos by Davina Michaelides

In April, the MGS arranged a three-day excursion to Kea, a Cycladic island only a 75 minute ferryboat trip from Lavrion (a 1-hour drive from Athens). Sixteen members participated and Kea surprised more than a few of us. Usually visited during the summer months, we'd thought of it as a dry, rocky island where the wind blows endlessly. What a pleasant surprise, therefore, Kea turned out to be with its abundant wild flowers, delightful walks, verdant valleys, ancient sites, beautiful old stone walls . . . and no wind! We were particularly fortunate in having the participation of Kostis Maroulis, who, as a resident of the island well versed in its folklore, history, agriculture, archaeology and old pathways (kalderimia), guided us to Karthaia and Milopotamos and answered countless questions.

And of course Sally Razelou's ability to point out and name every plant and tree that grows is always such a joy.

It may have been the winter snow and the out-of-the-ordinary wet spring this year that made Kea so spectacular, but let's hope that a spring excursion to Kea becomes a permanent fixture on the MGS calendar.

Wild lupins, poppies and almond tree - Lupinus micranthus
(syn. L. hirsutus), Papaver rhoeas and Prunus dulcis (syn.
Amygdalis communis

A closer look at the beautiful blue wild lupins, Lupinus
(syn. L hirsutus) and anthemis.

Olive, Olea europaea, in a stone wall

Oak, Quercus macrolepis with Ballota acetabulosa

Tree euphorbia, Euphorbia dendroides and wild garlic,
Allium neapolitanum

Shady dell

Old drystone wall

Old stable

The ancient city wall of Karthaia

The Temple of Pythios Apollo at Karthaia

The Lion

The stone wall of the old watermill at Milopotamos

See also: The Olive Grove by Davina Michaelides
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