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The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil
By John Rendall
Photographs by Jay Rendall except 2 & 7 which were provided by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.

For the full article see The Mediterranean Garden No 41, July 2005.

This museum is situated in the town of Sparti in the heart of the Peloponnese. It was opened in December 2002 in a building originally housing the old Electric Company. The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, in a project included in the Regional Operational Programme for the Peloponnese and funded by the 2nd Community Support Framework, has created a remarkable museum incorporating many of the latest techniques of museum display.

Wooden double oil press, 20th century from Xirokambi, Lakonia.

A gigantic olive tree from Xirokambi, probably dating from Byzantine times (pre-1453).

Working model of diesel-powered oil press, 20th century from Vrontamas, Lakonia.

Three post-Byzantine clay jars set in soil for stability.

Hand-driven millstone for crushing olives.

Animal-driven oil press, 20th century from Dragano, Lefkada.

Replicas of amphorae used for transporting oil. back row: Mycenean stirrup jars,
13th century BC. middle row: Archaic Corinthian amphorae, 7th-6th century BC.
front row: Early Christian amphorae, 5th - 6th century AD

Mosaic of an olive tree by Christina Nacou.
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