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cover art for this issue
The cover illustration
by Polly Morris.

The Mediterranean Garden

No. 24   April 2001

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


Letter from the President
Katherine Greenberg

Heidi Gildemeister
: An Appreciation
Sally Razelou

Vignanello: An Affirmation of Continuity
Virginia Scaretti

A Mediterranean Garden Flourishes in Pennsylvania
R. William Thomas

What is Chaparral?
Glenn Keator

Chaparral in the Garden
Katherine Greenberg

Rare Salvias
Meg Bentley

Echium candicans (E. fastuosum)
Piero Caneti

Some Forgotten Plants
Virginia Kennett

Treasures from the Seed Catalog
Sue Goumas

A Cistus Hybrid in Crete
Olivier Filippi

Un Ciste Hybride en Crète
Olivier Filippi

Cactus on a Corinth Balcony
Hilary Anastasiadis

Some Australian Climate Ramblings
Stroma Buttrose

Sudden Oak Death
Judy Thomas

Watering in the Mediterranean Garden: Part I
Hugo Latymer

Food Grows Where Water Flows: A Short History of Irrigation in Monterey County
Jack Hayes

Musing on Fictional Gardens
Caroline Harbouri

- The Tulip, by Anna Pavord; 1999, Bloomsbury
(review by Caroline Harbouri)
- Ancient Roman Gardens, by Linda Farrar; 2000, revised paperback edition by Sutton Publishing Ltd., Gloucestershire, UK
(review by Diana Farr Louis)



The Contributors
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