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The Mediterranean Garden

No. 3   Winter 1995/1996

Caroline Harbouri, Editor



La Mortola
Joanna Millar

Hanbury Botanic Garden's Nursery
Grace Kiernan

The Mexican Tulip Poppy: Sunshine on a Stem
Tom Wellsted

A Selection of Salvias:

Strong in the Sun…
Tim Longville

…And Useful in the Home
Megan Toms

Roses that Do Well
Marjorie Holmes

Home Grown Varieties
Derek Toms

Daffodil – Narcissus
Freda Cox

Some Thoughts about Heidi Gildemeister's Suggestion of a Mediterranean Plant Finder
Hugo Latymer

International Conference in Palermo on Green Space in Mediterranean Cities
Piero Caneti

Swings and Roundabouts
Louis Marcelin-Rice

The Garden in Winter
Jenny Bussey


Book Notes


The Contributors
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