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cover art for this issue
The cover drawing of Echium lusitanicum is by Flavio Zanon.

The Mediterranean Garden

No. 44 April 2006

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Naked Soil

California Seen from Provence
  Louisa Jones

Exploring the Mediterranean Climate Region: A Californian View of Eastern Tuscany
  Gerald O. Taylor Jr

Thoughts on Arcadia and Gardening
  Gian Lupo Osti

The Mediterranean on Barnstaple BayÉ
  Tim Longville

A Chilean Plant Grown in Italy: Crinodendron patagua
  Piero Caneti

Notes from Behind the Firehose
  Peter Eaton

  Caroline Harbouri

A Pond for Swimming In
  Rosie Peddle

A Royal Front Garden Ð Memories of Kew
  Jean Gilhead

Considering the Importance of a Garden
  Virginia Scaretti




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