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The cover drawing of Jacaranda mimosifolia
is by Megan Bozkurt


The Mediterranean Garden

No. 66 October 2011

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Mutatis mutandis

Sparoza as an Example: A Gardener’s Work…
   Fleur Pavlidis

Nicole de Vésian and La Louve
   Louisa Jones

The Garden of Mas Floris, Catalonia
   Anda Wayland

The Bioriza Nursery, Girona, Spain
   Carole Cross

Pot Plants and the Saw
   Caroline Harbouri

A Visit to Portugal – and Rain
   Freda Cox

My Favourite Car-Wash
   David Bracey

The Hairy Pestilence
   Lynne Chatterton

Over the Millennia: Summer Evenings
   Caroline Harbouri

   Megan Bozkurt

Late July
   Pamela Steele

Back to School
   John Joynes

Mulching is Important in Mediterranean Gardens
   Clodagh & Dick Handscombe




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