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The cover drawing of Lilium speciosumis by Megan Bozkurt.


The Mediterranean Garden

No. 73 July 2013

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Wild Flowers in France and a DVD of Sparoza

The Mount Scopus Botanical Garden and Native Species of Israel for Wider Cultivation in Gardens
  Michael Avishai, Avinadav Begin & Meni Neuman

A Living Gift to Sparoza, Part 2: Περί Φυτών Φιλιππίου
  Sally Razelou

Six Sparoza Plants: June and July
  Caroline Harbouri

The Allure of Wild Flowers
  Caroline Davies

Autumn in the Dandenong Ranges
  Julia Ann Catton

Arundo donax
  François Travert

The South Australia Settlement
  Lynne Chatterton

Spring in Croatia
Fleur Pavlidis

Jill Stallworthy, 1938-2013
  Jay rendall




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