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The cover drawing of Crataegus azarolus is by Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti.


The Mediterranean Garden

No. 74 October 2013

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Summer Thoughts

Autumn in a California Garden
  Katherine Greenberg

Beautiful Belvedere: A Mediterranean Garden in Marin County
  E. Kirsten Honeyman

Sturt’s Desert Pea: A Most Capricious Plant
  Greg Kirby

A Garden Friendship
  Caroline Davies

Mediterranean Gardens and the Visual Civilisation
 Jean-Paul Brigand

Crataegus azarolus
  Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti

Six Sparoza Plants: Autumn
  Caroline Harbouri

A Walk on Mont Saint Cyr: A Mediterranean Garden in the Making?
François Travert

A 'Terrasse Végétale'
  Duncan Munford & Christine Savage

Lemons in Mediterranean-Climate Gardens
  Dick Handscombe

Aromatic Herbs on Ancient Hills
  Caroline Harbouri




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