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The cover drawing, Twenty Acorns, is by Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti.


The Mediterranean Garden

No. 77 July 2014

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: An Anniversary Plan

A Note from the Editor

Meditorial from TMG 5, 1996
  Derek Toms

A Native Mediterranean Garden from TMG 1, 1995
  Heidi Gildemeister

Ganna Walska’s Lotusland from TMG 4, 1996
  Martin Wood

The Mediterranean Climbing Cutworm from TMG 7, 1997
  Richard Dight

Botanical Illustration in Greece and the Flora Graeca from TMG 12, 1998
  Polly Morris

Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Berkeley, California from TMG 15, 1999
  Katherine Greenberg

Spring Flowers in the Nieuwoudtville from TMG 21, 2000
  Anda Wayland

Learning to Love Stinging Nettles and Thistles from TMG 23, 2001
  Fleur Pavlidis

On Germanders in the Mediterranean Garden from TMG 30, 2002
  Sally Razelou

Pruning Olive Trees from TMG 34, 2003
  Brian Chatterton

Scent from the South from TMG 35, 2004
  Joanna Millar

Canary Island Plants for Mediterranean Gardens from TMG 39, 2005
  David Bramwell

Colours from TMG 44, 2006
  Caroline Harbouri

A Visit to the Montpellier Herbarium from TMG 49, 2007
  Jean Vaché

Fire and the Australian Garden TMG 51, 2009
  Meral Cleary

Grasses, Native and Otherwise from TMG 58, 2010
  Cali Doxiadis

Wind from TMG 62, 2011
  Jennifer Gay

Cyclamen graecum: One of Sparoza’s Autumn Glories from TMG 63, 2011
  Alisdair Aird

Growing Buddlejas in Andalucia from TMG 69, 2012
  Lindsay Blyth

Browns and Silvers from TMG 71, 2013
  James Basson

Older and Current Plant Names




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