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The Southern California Branch of the MGS  

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September 2011
Sustainable Urban Agriculture Program - Huntington Ranch, San Marino
Scott Kleinrock, Project Coordinator for the Huntington Ranch, gave us a talk and tour of the Ranch, which is part demonstration garden, part outdoor classroom, and part research lab to study and explore sustainable urban agriculture. Scott explained the new sustainable features relating to urban agriculture at the Ranch, pruned fruit trees, growing vegetables in containers, plants to grow for beneficial insects, type of irrigation that is used and more.

At the Huntington Botanical Center’s Audiovisual Lab, Tom Spellman, Southwestern Sales Manager of Dave Wilson Nursery and noted fruit growing lecturer, gave a presentation about growing fruit for antioxidants. Lunch followed. Be sure to look at Dave Wilson’s Nursery website for details on 'Backyard Orchard Growing'.

Scott Kleinrock at the Huntington Ranch

May 2011
Reducing Your Lawn/ Replacing with Mediterranean Plants – Private Garden in Arcadia
This event took take place in a private garden in Arcadia redesigned by landscape designer Judy Horton with mediterranean plants and gravel to eliminate vast areas of lawn. Bart O’Brien, Director of Special Projects for Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, presented his latest book that he co-authored, Reimagining the California Lawn: Water-conserving Plants, Practices, and Designs by Carol Bornstein, David Fross and Bart O’Brien. Bart discussed ideas for lawn replacements – greenswards, meadows, carpet and tapestry gardens, including his favorite Californian native and mediterranean plants. He spoke about the best way to eliminate or 'shrink' a lawn.

Judy Horton told how she redesigned the garden by reducing the size of the lawn and replanting with mediterranean climate plants - fig, olive and citrus trees, iris, lavender and tapestry panels of low-growing mediterranean flowers, herbs and succulents. Tours of the garden were given by Bart and Judy, refreshments followed.


After removing the lawn

June 2010
Book signing & garden walk with Bob Perry - Arlington Garden, Pasadena
Noted horticulturist, professor, author and Southern California MGS Advisory Board member Bob Perry presented his latest book Landscape Plants for California Gardens. We strolled through the garden as Bob discussed plants and offered ideas for sustainable garden practices. Refreshments and a social interlude followed.

September / October 2009
Gardening Under Mediterranean Skies VII: Lessons in Sustainable Gardening - Santa Barbara

Repeated over two weekends by popular demand, this Pacific Horticulture symposium co-sponsored by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and the MGS explored the challenges and delights of coastal California's mediterranean climate and showcased the wide range of garden possibilities in a low-water environment, including talks by Carol Bornstein, Pamela Berstler and Owen Dell and visits to Lotusland and gardens designed by Lynn Woodbury, Van Atta Associates and Isabelle Greene.

May 2009
An Afternoon with Nicholas Staddon - Monrovia Growers, Azusa, California

Nicholas Staddon, Monrovia’s Director of New Plant Introductions gave a talk entitled 'Monrovia’s Best and Newest Plants for Our Mediterranean-climate Gardens'. Then there was a walk in the garden and a visit to Monrovia’s Garden Center Display with Nicholas, followed by refreshments and a social interlude, after which we drew lots for choice Monrovia plants.
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