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The UK Branch of the MGS was among the first branches to be founded by second President Heidi Gildemeister. A number of dedicated Branch Heads served the MGS members living in the UK, bringing them together for visits, talks and other events. Freda Cox, well-known as one of the illustrators of the The Mediterranean Garden, was followed by Michael Micheli and Heather Martin.

Climate change is with us and there will be an increasing need for change in the way that we design our gardens in the UK. The objective of the UK branch now is to provide MGS members not only with the knowledge of how to prepare for change but also to be part of a community that helps to define what change is needed. To this end, the MGS aims to work closely with the RHS. We plan to hold several events each year, centered on visits to private and public gardens, with a focus on learning from each other’s experience in gardening in a changing climate, expanding our plant knowledge and stimulating innovative ideas. We have a monthly electronic newsletter with reports on recent events, a diary of future events and exhibitions, articles and advice from members, and listings of members’ interests, services and businesses. Above all the UK branch aims to foster a sociable community of friends sharing information and support.

Stephen Entwisle (biography) is our Branch Head and he welcomes current and prospective MGS members to contact him by email

MGS UK Branch selects two plants that are Mediterranean in origin that can also thrive in the UK which are drought tolerant, attractive and lend themselves to any size garden, including container gardening. Read about them here.

The photograph at the top of this page shows the Dry Garden at RHS Garden Hyde Hall at Chelmsford, Essex, UK. It was created in 2001 and aims to show visitors how they can work with the environment and use drought-tolerant plants that won't need to be watered constantly during a long, dry summer. It is home to more than 400 different species of plant. The MGS is affiliated to the RHS.

Past Events

For previous reports and articles please check out the archived (non-responsive) UK Branch page.

Stephen Entwisle writes:
From an early age, over 50 years ago, I was fortunate to spend summers and Christmases in the Mediterranean and I will always remember with affection resorts such as Benidorm when there were many more open spaces than hotels. I also had summer jobs as a gardener for HJ Heinz on various estates in the UK. Many years later, after an international career in project management, my daughter asked me to obtain for her a prospectus for a Post-graduate diploma in garden design from one of the leading Garden Design schools. I did but it wasn’t my daughter who took the course! I found it truly exhilarating, and although I am still trying to find time to complete the final assignment, I hope to get the certificate soon. Meanwhile, I am very active with the MGS and other voluntary initiatives, and still undertake occasional management consultancy assignments.

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